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Low-E Glass Windows & Installation

If you are looking for energy efficient windows and doors, consider Low-E Glass with Argon for new window installation or to upgrade existing windows. Low-E glass windows offer outstanding performance that really make a difference.

What is Low-E Glass with Argon?

Maybe you’ve heard of Low-E Glass, but what exactly is it? Our Low-E Glass Windows are constructed with three distinct components that work together to create windows that meet EPA Energy Star Guidelines:

  1. Low-E Glass reflects radiant heat with an invisible, non-toxic metallic coating applied to the surface that dramatically increases the thermal performance.
  • Dual panes of Low-E Glass are sealed and insulated by filling them with an inert Argon gas.
  • We use warm-edge spacer technology as a non-conductive spacer to separate the two panes and provide stability.

Does Low-E Glass lower energy costs?

Absolutely! Low-E Glass increases the efficiency of your windows while helping to save you money and keep your home comfortable during any season — even in the extreme temperatures of Northern Iowa.

In the winter, radiant heat produced by your heating system is reflected back into the interior of your home, while in the summer the heat from the sun is reflected back into the atmosphere allowing your cooling system to efficiently do its job.

Plus, Low-E Glass Windows allow most light to pass through unlike dark tinted glass, while protecting your treasured fabrics and furniture against sun fade.

How Do I Select the Right Low-E Coating for my Climate?

You don’t need to worry about which coating is best suited for your particular climate zone. The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program has taken out all of the guesswork.

The program sets minimum performance criteria for each climate zone, so you can rest assured that your Low-E Glass Windows are optimized for your area.

The Window Source in Mason City guarantees that your windows will be Energy Star certified when you select our Low-E Glass upgrade on any of our windows and doors. This great investment will pay for itself in recouped energy costs and replacing faded fabrics inside your home. And, as with all of our products, The Window Source offers a limited lifetime warranty on our windows and doors.

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